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No More Paper

LeagueAlly collects all information that you need electronically so that you don’t every have to print, scan or collect paper again!

Collect Information

Our team registration page makes it simple for team captains to sign up and admins to collect team name, team color (associated with T-shirts if T-shirts needed),  and any specific requests.  Collecting all of this information up front makes it easier to build schedules, order t-shirts and more.


Collecting waivers has never been easier. Our system allows you to put in your own custom waiver or use one of our templates and require all players to accept the conditions of the waiver WITHOUT having to collect and scan in all waivers.


You can require every player on the team to register, accept the waiver, pick a shirt size and pay individually. This enables you to have an automatic roster for every team and helps for emergency notifications and remarketing for the next league.


All teams are signed up, click one button and it creates the schedule for the entire season. All scores are put in online with rankings update automatically. No more printing schedules, writing scores down and then updating later.


No more printing a shirt list, taking it to the field, marking off and name, going home updating the list and then doing that same thing every week. Our system collects all players shirt information and you can update when you hand out the shirt directly thru the system.

Fill Spots Automatically

Stop worrying if every team will have enough players and trying to play jenga with extra players. Let you Ally do that for you.

Free Agent Players

Our free agent system allows individuals to sign up for sports they are interested in playing and rank themselves(beginner, intermediate or advanced). From there Teams can click a button to automatically draft free agents onto their teams. This helps fill empty spots and puts players on teams who normally wouldn’t have been able to play. Everyone wins!

Free Agent Teams

Tired of not getting that last spot or two in a league filled? Our free agent system makes it easy for admins to create free agent teams and fill them automatically. This fills the league, gets players who wouldn’t otherwise been allowed to play and is great networking for everyone on the team.


Checks? Cash? Refunds? Headaches? LeagueAlly handles your payments, refunds and more automatically. Don’t stress, your Ally is here.

Full Amount or Split Payments

When setting up a league you can choose to allow payments to be split among the individual players or collect the entire team payment up front when the team captain signs up. We highly recommend splitting payments as it takes backend work off the team captain. If splitting payments you can also choose to require the team captain put down a deposit which stops non-committed teams from signing up and filling spots when they don’t plan to play.


Our system currently uses stripe to collect payments and makes it super easy to get your money right away, give discounts, coupons, refunds and more!